Im having so much trouble with maplestory......

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Im having so much trouble with maplestory......

Post  Lightz on Wed Mar 11, 2009 6:21 am

OMFG i downloaded v66 in another folder and now my maple v62 doesnt work it says i have errors or dll cannot be found when i have wz.dll and wz.dll back up and after that i deleted v66 folder and yet it still doesnt work........the screen turns black and comes back my desktop and and says dll cannot be found or error -.- (in case your wondering i did vcredict v86) what do i do in this situation i even tried deleting the whole maplestory (EVERYTHING) and downloaded v62 and tried to play it didnt work......also should i delete zlz.dll?it seems to give different results from not being in the folder


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